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Digital Innovations Global has extensive experience with migrating and implementing many different types of cloud applications as shown in the examples below.

Educational Course Management
Moodle - Learning management system for course creators and administrators. Moodle has significant use in the education sector, including Open University, Australian National University, London School of Economics.

Document Management System
Alfresco - CMIS 1.0 compliant, which has been implemented at the French Air Force.

Human Resources (HR)
OrangeHRM - OrangeHRM is a corporately developed HR management system that covers leaving, joining, time management, recruitment, performance, expenses, leave, reporting, which has been implemented at Landmark property management.

Business Intelligence (BI)
Pentaho BI Suite - Includes ETL, OLAP, reporting, dashboards, workflow and data mining capability. Integrates with Hadoop for large scale data analysis, which has been implemented at Camden Borough, US Naval Air Systems Command, Harris Computer Systems, Sun Microsystems, Specsavers, NHS Islington, Brussels Airport and Norways TV2.

Records Management (EDRM)
Alfresco - CMIS 1.0 and DoD 5015.02 certifications. Implements Sharepoint protocol to act as substitute backend, which has been implemented at Islington Council.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
SugarCRM - A commercially successful CRM system providing sales-force automation, marketing campaign management, customer support, mobile device CRM and reporting. In 2011, SugarCRM joined the IBM Global Alliance Portfolio for cloud solutions.

  • SugarCRM has been implemented within comms, financial, healthcare, public , professional services, manufacturing, technology and retail sectors, including uzo (Portugal’s largest telecoms provider), One Financial, HealthScreen (replacing Siebel), State of Oregon, InterAct (public safety and security), Thomas Cook, ThyssenKrupp, Avis, and General Motors.

Distributed Large Storage
Hadoop - Is the leading platform for petabyte scale distributed data storage and processing. It is designed to detect and manage failures in commodity compute nodes, thus not relying on expensive high-availability hardware. Compatible with MapReduce APIs. During 2001, several commercial offering provide support around Hadoop components, or Hadoop-like components, including from EMC, Oracle and IBM.

  • Hadoop has been implemented within leading large scale operations including Amazon/A9 product search, Adobe, AOL, Baidu at 3000TB/week, Ebay 532 node cluster and 5.3PB, Facebook 1100-node cluster 12PB data, Hulu media service, IBM Blue Cloud Computing,, LinkedIn, New York Times, Microsoft Powerset, Rackspace, Twitter, Yahoo with more than 40,000 nodes.

Reverse Proxy
Squid, Varnish - Squid cache has been implemented for the global Wikipedia and Flickr sites. |

MediaWiki - MediaWiki is the leading wiki engine. MediaWiki has been implemented to the global scale WikiPedia.

Message Bus
RabbitMQ - has been implemented for NASA for their cloud platform.

WildFly JBOSS - Has been implemented at Camden Council to create a single view of the citizen to reduce avoidable contact with the contact centre and improve the citizen experience. WildFly JBOSS Application Server has been implemented at:

  • Siemens for a large scale physical mail processing system, processing 700,000 mail items per hour, with 99.8% availability.
  • New York Stock Exchange for the Euronext platform.
  • Autotrader for its high volume website and over 120 applications.
  • UFI / Learndirect for online education courses and advice sessions, which are used by up to 2 million users.

osTicket - Is a widely-used and trusted open source support ticket system. It seamlessly routes inquiries created via email, web-forms and phone calls into a simple, easy-to-use, multi-user, web-based customer support platform. osTicket comes packed with more features and tools than most of the expensive (and complex) support ticket systems on the market. osTicket has been implemented as cloud solutions for many thousands of customers in 149 countries. We also use osTicket at Digital Innovations Global: DIG Support Helpdesk |

Network Monitoring
Nagios, Zabbix, ZenOSS - Nagios has heritage in many ISPs. Often used with the ganglia graphing system. Zabbix is a mature monitoring framework with agents for many operating systems and software stacks. ZenOSS is a leading network monitoring system, deployed to 100,000 customers across 35 countries. | |

  • Nagios has been implemented for the monitoring for the Wikipedia infrastructure.
  • Zabbix has been implemented within large organisations such as DEAC IT services across four continents, leading Polish telecoms Netia monitoring 20,000 parameters, NTT Comms, large Brazilian energy company PetroBras.
  • ZnOSS has been implemented for Rackspace, LinkedIn, VMWare, Motorola, Los Alamos, LexisNexis, Deutsche Bank, US Army, Broadcom, Telstra, and CapGemini IT systems.

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