Expert Network Performance Analysis

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Expert Network Performance Analysis

Digital Innovations Global ensure on-premise to cloud migrations run smoothly, by performing in-depth professional expert network performance analysis. We are able to quantify and document infrastructure resource requirements, to eliminate bottlenecks, application issues, and to provide performance improvements for our clients by identifying:

  • Network traffic flow between systems.
  • LANs which are overloaded.
  • Servers traffic which is affecting other systems.
  • Servers which are too overloaded or congested to respond.
  • Network devices which have incorrect configurations.
  • Slow file transfers.
  • Database connectivity problems.
  • Domain logon failures.
  • Slow HTTP Web applications.
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Expert Network Performance Analysis

Here is a comprehensive list for each of the 140 network performance tests that we perform on our clients network infrastructure, to ensure that we fully understand how their network Infrastructure is performing:

  • Broadcast/Multicast Storm, LAN Overload, Collisions over threshold, LAN overload percentage, Spanning Tree Topology Changes, BAD CRC, Broadcast/Multicast Storm Diag, DLC source address broadcast, Runt Frame, Oversized Frame, DLC source address multicast, Same source and destination address.
  • Frame has Alignment problem, Collision after 64 bytes, High rate of Physical errors, Station off ring, Ring beaconing, Station internal errors, Burst errors, High rate of line/burst errors.
  • Receiver congestion errors, High rate of receiver congestion errors, Abort delimiter transmitted, Returned to ring, Too many returns, Token errors, Lost frame errors, Frame-copied errors, frequency errors, Local station with route designator.
  • Multiple Local ring definition, Ring purge symptom, High rate of ring purge diagnosis, Station removed, Too many removes, Duplicate address found, Line errors, AC errors, New active monitor, FCI and ARI bits mismatch, Invalid frame status field, Duplicate Network Address.
  • Multiple Routers to Remote, Multiple Routers to Local, Source Address is Broadcast, ICMP Parameter Problem, ICMP Inconsistent Subnet Mask, IP Fragment Missing, IP Fragment out of order, ICMP Net Unreachable, ICMP Redirect for Host, ICMP Source Quench, Time-to-live exceeded in transmit, Time-to-live expiring, Zeros Broadcast Address.
  • ICMP Port Unreachable, Router Storm, ICMP Host Unreachable, ICMP Destination Unreachable, ICMP Redirect for Network, Idle Too Long, Local Routing, Retransmission, Ack Too Long, Repeat Ack, Fast Retransmission.
  • Zero Window Too Long, Window Frozen, Window Size Exceeded, Slow Server, Non-Responsive Station, Too Many Retransmissions, UDP Bouncing Frames, TNS Connect Refused.
  • TNS Security Breach, TNS Slow Server Response, TNS Slow Connect, TNS Slow Server Diagnosis, Low Throughput, Loops on same request, Too many loops on same request, File Retransmission, Too Many File Retransmission.
  • Read/Write Overlap, Slow File Transfer, Request Denied, Too Many Requests Denied, WINS No Response, WINS Duplicate Name, IP NETBIOS Session Reject, Route Metric Changed, Route Validity Changed, Route Superseded, Router Not Updating Routes, Route Flapping.
  • Router Superseded Too Frequently, Nonsense Route, Misdirected Frame, FTP Login Attempts, FTP Slow Connect, FTP Slow First Response, FTP Slow Response.
  • FTP Slow Transfer Diagnosis, Telnet Slow Response to Login, SMTP Slow Connect, NNTP Slow Response Time, POP3 Slow Connect Time, DB Connect Request Denied, DB Security Breach Attempt, DB Slow Server Response, DB Slow Connect.
  • DB Slow Server Response Diagnosis, NFS Retransmission, Excessive Mailslot Broadcasts, Missed Browser Announcement, Server running WINS shutting down, Server running PDC shutting down, Server running BDC shutting down, Duplicate PDC Name Registration.
  • Browser Election Force, Station not in Domain's Computer List, Protocol Negotiation Failure, Invalid Network Name, Invalid Resource User Name or Password, Access to Resource denied, Excessive Failed Resource Login Attempts, Domain Logon Failure: Bad User Name or Password, Domain Logon Failure: Bad Logon Credentials.
  • Domain Logon Failure: Bad Trust Relationship, Excessive Failed Domain Logins, MS RAP Logon Failure, Domain Logon Failure: Invalid Logon Station, Domain Logon Failure: Invalid Logon Time, Resource Access Failure: Unknown Domain User, NCP Server Busy, VLAN Not Operational, VTP Versions Different.
  • VLAN Removed from Domain, HTTP Slow Server GET Response Time, HTTP Slow Server POST Response Time.
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If you need help analysing your networks infrastructure performance, then please contact us for more information on how we can help you improve your networks and applications performance.

Expert Network Performance Analysis

Contact us at Digital Innovations Global on +44 (0) 207 193 8246. Our offices are located at 72 Great Suffolk Street, London Bridge, SE1 0BL

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