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Two Cloud Datacentre Racks Left Picture
Two Cloud Datacentre Racks Left Picture
Two Cloud Datacentre Racks Left Picture
Two Cloud Datacentre Racks Left Picture
Two Cloud Datacentre Racks Left Picture
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In-depth performance tuning for Microsoft, Linux and UNIX servers. If you need help locating the cause of slow applications and servers, then call us today to find out how we can help you. We will analyse the exact cause of your slow applications and server performance using a remote secure encrypted connection, or on-site.

Performance tuning or bottleneck analysis as its sometimes called is the process of understanding the cause of why applications are running poorly or slow. We at Digital Innovations Global know that having slow Infrastructure is not only frustrating to you but also to your customers, which is why we perform professional on-premise and cloud infrastructure performance analysis using leading commercial monitoring tools to drill down deep into your networks, servers and applications in real-time. As part of the monitoring performance review, we advise you with detailed explanation on why you are having performance problems, and how to resolve them.

Every minute of the day we can see exactly in real time all the performance issues, which are affecting every aspect of your applications with expert recommendations from the Alarm log. Historical performance issues are also able to be graphically replayed to see how a particular problem was affecting other application, server, network, or storage areas for resolution confirmation.

This image is from a customer monitoring alarm log, for a critically under-resourced Linux cloud server that clearly needs more memory, to reduce disk I/O, and to improve application performance.

Performance Tuning Alarm Log

Performance Tuning Alarm log pic

  • run queue
  • utilisation
  • context switching

CPU Utilisation

Performance Tuning CPU Utilisation pic

  • performance
  • bandwidth
  • errors
  • collisions

Network Utilisation

Performance Tuning Network Utilisation pic

  • physical
  • virtual
  • paging
  • cache

Memory Utilisation

Performance Tuning Memory Utilisation pic

  • disk reads
  • disk writes
  • service time
  • wait time
  • busy

Disk I/O Utilisation

Performance Tuning Disk I/O Utilisation pic

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The Digital Innovations Team can help you safely and securely move your on-premise IT infrastructure into the cloud, saving your company money and time

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