Targeted Oracle Health Check

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Targeted Oracle Health Check Application

The Microsoft Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista & XP Targeted Oracle Health Check application to analyse Oracle 8 to 12 Windows and UNIX database environments in seconds. The application performs analysis for RAC, AWR and StatsPack, to help you to document database and instance information, parameters, invalid objects, invalid indexes, user objects, tablespaces, extent settings, log archive, optimizer mode, tablespace usage, free space, candidates for pinning, database security, HWM usage, FRA freespace, RAC locking, RAC global Cache, RAC top 10 Cache Fusion objects, AWR: top wait events, top SQL by CPU , tablespace IO statistics, datafile IO statistics, sort operations, buffer pools, SGA sizes.
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Detailed accurate Oracle checks include:

  • List Database Info
  • List Instance Info
  • List Version Info
  • List Database Parameters
  • List Invalid Objects
  • List Invalid Indexes
  • List User Objects In the System Tablespace
  • List User Default Tablespaces
  • List Tablespace Extent Settings
  • List Datafile Extent Settings
  • Backup Corruption Check
  • Database Block Corruption Check
  • Last Unrecoverable Action
  • Shared Server Status
  • Log Archive Destination
  • Optimizer Mode
  • Statistics Enabled
  • Last Analyzed Date
  • Tablespace Usage
  • Datafiles Not Online
  • Free Space Fragments
  • Candidates For Pinning
  • Default users which should be expired and locked
  • Checks users that are using a password checking routine
  • Statistics Collection
  • Instance Feature Usages
  • Instance HWM Usage
  • Flashback Recovery Area Enabled
  • FRA Usage
  • FRA Freespace
  • FRA Summary
  • Memory Target
  • Statistics Collection
  • RAC From This Point Onwards
  • RAC Lock Manager Latency
  • RAC GES Lock Blockers (Point in Time)
  • RAC GES Lock Waiters (Point in Time)
  • RAC Global Cache Consistent Request Performance
  • RAC Global Cache Lock Request Performance
  • RAC Distributed Lock Manager Ticket Availability
  • RAC Top 10 Cache Fusion Objects Writes (Point in Time)
  • Top n Wait Events
  • Top n SQL by CPU Summary
  • Top n SQL by CPU Text
  • Tablespace IO Statistics
  • Datafile IO Statistics
  • Instance Activity Statistics
  • Instance Activity Absolute Values e.g. 'current logons'
  • Sort Operations
  • User Logons
  • Undo Segments
  • Buffer Pools Hit and Busy Ratios
  • Shared Pool Statistics
  • SGA Size Advisory
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